January 2, 2010

➔ (The Art of) STICKERS #2

My first post of 2010... Welcome & thanks to  visitors & 10th member ! This is a selection of collages,  stickers  from brands or from the street (Potartoyz, ATKS Paris, DJ A) , old ones or recent,  just a big mix to share my taste for stickin' which is important in street culture to me ... see also : "(The Art of) Stickers" posted on 9th Dec. 2009...

WK Interact


Promotional stickers

Down on the street...

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  1. c'est ma 1ere visite sur ce blog et je vois que nos chemins se sont croisés assez souvent -plein de trucs intéressants & des idées d'images sauvavges pour l'avenir! savageyes