October 10, 2009

Le coin du libraire : the bookstore selection about Street Art

This is a selection of books & DVD for those who like this blog and wanna keep some nice exemples of Street Art Culture... Trying to show my view on some of the most creative Street artists today, I will propose more once in a while...

Cholo writing, latino gang graffiti in Los Angeles
Dokument Press (2009).
very nice graphic design of the book by François Chastanet.

Banksy vs Bristol Museum
postcards set (2009).

Beautiful Losers DVD (don't juge this DVD by its cover, it's a film about this group of skaters but really about visual arts, Street Art & the group show Beautiful losers).Great!
with works from "today's big stars" artists such as Barry Mc Gee, Margaret Kilgallen, Thomas Campbell, Shepard Fairey, Steve "Espo" Powers, etc...
Revolver entertainment (2009).

There is a u in us, five years of V1 gallery
Copenhagen/Denmark (2009).
with works from artists such as Ben Eine vs Banksy, Todd "Reas" James , Neck Face, Futura, Faile, Huskmitnavn, etc...

El Mac/Retna : Alianza
Fifty24SF/Upper Playground/Gingko Press (2009).

The New Grand Tour
about a collective exhibition in Beijing, China, 2008 with :
Suitman, José Parlà, Rostarr, Deanne Cheuk & David Russo.

Invader : Top 10, exhibition catalog
Jonathan Levine gallery/New York (600 copies, 2009).

Martha Cooper : Going postal, mailing label Street Art
sticker photo from 2002_2008
Mark Batty publisher (2008).

Björn Almqvist & Emil Hagelin : Writers united, the story about a swedish graffiti crew.
foreword by Martha Cooper. Dokument Press/Stockholm (paperback version, 2009).

Os Gemeos : exhibition catalog
Museum Het Domein. Sittard/Netherlands. (second edition 2009).

Urban Art : works from the Reinking collection.
Wererburg/Museum fur moderne Kunst, Bremen. (Hatje Cantz 2009).
With works from artists such as Miss Van, Zeus, Brad Downey, Ben Eine, Mark Jenkins, Blu, Swoon, Kaws, etc...

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